The healslut game

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Equip the angelic healer Mercy with her Imp skin, spray-paint an arrow on the wall, and crouch beneath it. Overwatch was not built with kink in mind. An incredibly beautiful girl that heals people? Classic BDSM relies on the core concepts of domination and submission. Someone plays the role of a bossy, assertive caretaker.

Their partner transforms into an obedient, powerless servant, and they both have fun. Essentially, the healslut community adapts the healslut game tropes to the language of video games. With a little bit of imagination those roles can be loaded with plenty of kinky symbolism. Think of it like a first date, except for a highly specific digital fetish.

They might be interested in the audio portion of things and want to roleplay over voice. They the healslut game be interested in the textual portion of things and want to roleplay over text. Even real life couples might be interested and act out scenarios in real life, like the healslut getting their dom off while they play. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to healsluts, but according to the Discord channel, there are five general roles across the games they play.

Tanks are gentle doms who play for the adoration and devotion of their healers. Switches as in real life are fluid in their taste. Healers are submissives that prefer lighter domination. The titular healsluts are more masochistic.

All of these closely mirror the same fundamental deations of your average sadomasochist fetish. Add in some punishments like your vibrator intensity turning up as you play and trying your best to concentrate despite that can be a real thrill. Scolding your healslut for her failures, complimenting her for her successes It all really just works out. The beauty of healsluts is you can make anything—literally anything—part of the kink.

People create metagames all the time. Healsluts are basically doing the same thing, except to appease more carnal desires. Once I found the subreddit and an actual community around it, I could discover more what I liked and disliked about the kink.

The healslut game

For the most part Thomas is a lurker, but he does play the part in-game sometimes he says the trick is to use a lot of winky faces. That breeziness is a core part of the scene. More than anything else, these people just like to play games together. It does not matter. Even though the community is small, we are really united just by everyone having the uncommon kink of enjoying healsluts, regardless of who is the dom or sub.

Overwatch has one of the most vibrant, inspiring communities in the world.

The healslut game

If some of them have discovered a way to use a game they love to explore their sexuality, that should be celebrated, not feared. I was actually afraid to talk about my kinks until I became active in the community. This community is small.

The healslut game

The healsluts subreddit has only 1, subscribers. The Discord group has members. But video games are full of people, and people like to bone.

The healslut game

The sooner we come to terms with that, the sooner it will feel normal. He writes about music, video games, professional wrestling, and whatever else interests him. The A. By Luke Winkie. Illustration by Angelica Alzona.

The healslut game

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The Pro Strats of Healsluts: Overwatch, Sexuality, and Perverting the Mechanics of Play