Games to play at a passion party

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Who has two thumbs and loves party games? This girl.

Games to play at a passion party

If you come to my house for a get-together you better believe there will be party games. I had my year-old Grandpa blowing turkey feathers down a table for a feather relay race at Thanksgiving last year. Party games are the perfect way to break the ice and invite everyone to engage in the party atmosphere. Even the most reluctant party goer will be having fun after they play these 12 simple and fun party games.

Make a circle of chairs in an open area and have everyone but one person sit down. The one person not seated will stand in the middle.

Games to play at a passion party

They will start the game. As the host, you could start the game. You will share one thing that you have never done. Anyone who HAS gone scuba diving has to stand up and move to another open chair in the circle as quickly as they can. The person in the middle also sits down. Whoever is the last person standing with no seat to sit in is the next person in the middle.

Play continues and they have to think of something they have never done. If people find it difficult to come up with ideas of things they have never done, you can have slips of paper in a bowl with ideas for them to draw from. Ideas include but are not limited to: never have I ever gotten a speeding ticket, never have I ever gotten a perm, never have I ever shaved my legs and never have I ever traveled outside the country.

Find Never Have I Ever game here.

Games to play at a passion party

Skunk is a dice game. The goal of the game is to be the first person to get over points. Play begins when the first player rolls the dice. They roll 2 dice and add up the total of the dice, those are their points. They can either stop and keep those points until the next round or they can keep rolling to get as many points as possible. If a player rolls a 1 and a 2 together, they lose all their points from that round. In either case, their turn is over. Once a player decides to stop rolling, record their total points from that round and play continues clockwise and the next player rolls.

Celebrity is a charades type game with 3 rounds of play. Divide your group into two even teams to begin. Then give each player 3 to 5 strips of paper. Have each player secretly record a person, place or thing on each strip of paper. Once the participants have recorded their ideas on their paper, have them fold their slips of paper in half and put them in a bowl. The opposing team will set a timer for 30 seconds while the other team will guesses.

The team that is guessing will choose one person from their team to start. That person will pick a slip of paper out of the bowl when the timer begins and starts to describe the item to their team.

Games to play at a passion party

When the team guesses correctly, they grab another slip of paper out of the bowl. If they get stumped, they cannot skip. At the end of 30 seconds, if the team playing has not guessed a paper correctly, the other team can try to steal.

Play continues with the other team choosing a player to act out the words for their team and the opposite team keeps time. Play continues in round one until all slips of paper have been described. Both teams total up their slips of paper and record their scores.

Round two begins with all the same slips of paper are deposited back into the bowl. This time only one word can be spoken to describe the item on the slip of paper. Players may also use actions but no other words or sounds. The next player on the team in the rotation will start round two and the opposite team will keep time 30 seconds. Play continues like in round one until all slips of paper have been won. Teams tally their scores and add to round one score.

Round three begins with all the slips of paper in the bowl and this time NO words can be spoken. Each player must act out the words for their teams. Play s like in round one and round two with one player from one team acting out the slips of paper while the other team keeps time 30 seconds. Play concludes when all slips of paper have been acted out. Both teams tally up their slips of paper and add to the first 2 rounds scores to determine the winning team.

Pick out some fun or unusual prizes and play bingo with friends and family. Choose one person to be the bingo caller and distribute bingo cards to everyone else. This game is perfect for groups of all ages.

Games to play at a passion party

Find a Bingo set here. This easy card party game rewards participants who can think fastest on their feet. A participant will draw a card and then roll the dice. They will read the card and fill in the blank with the they rolled on the dice.

Games to play at a passion party

Be the first person to answer their question and win the card. The first player to earn 10 cards wins. Find the game Joe Name It here. The person that read the card then collects all the papers and re all of the responses. Others take turns trying to guess who wrote what, if they guess correctly they get a point. If someone guesses correctly what you wrote, you are out for that round. Find the game Things here. Similar to Celebrity, you can either buy a box set or record a noun person, place or thing on slips of paper.

You can even tailor this game to the holiday or event you are celebrating. Find a Charades game here. Pick one of the cards and the read the topic. Start the timer. You have 5 seconds to name 3 things that fit the topic. Play in teams or as individuals. Find 5 Second Rule here. The Catch Phrase game is an electronic game.

Games to play at a passion party

Find Catch Phrase here. Players take turns rolling the dice to determine where they pass their chips. The last player with chips is the winner. This is a perfect party game for all ages and skill levels. If you have more people then chips, you can use coins. We often use quarters and winner takes the prize money! Find LCR here. Then everyone else records a punchline to conclude that sentence.

The reader then re the anonymous punchlines and picks the funniest one and gives that participant a point. Made by comedian Jeff Foxworthy. Find Relative Insanity here. Plush Snowball Game Ideas. about this fun party idea here.

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Games to play at a passion party

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12 Simple and Fun Party Games Ideas for Adults