Games like space paws

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In the typical pornography transaction, the studios and smut peddlers demand money upfront. Someone sent me the link to the Taifun Riders Patreon. A bunch of big-titted furry chicks, and one human, smiled from the top of the screen. Below that were a couple of download links for the game, Space Paws. I do like games that feature boobies in some way, so I figured what the hell. You probably saw the word Patreon and immediately thought you had to fork over some dough.

Games like space paws

Well, kind of but not really. You can download Space Paws from the blog, but only Patrons get the very newest version of the game. Taifun Riders have tiers starting at a buck a month, but you have to spend two games like space paws the early updates.

I went to the blog and chose the EXE download. A few minutes and megabytes later and I was ready to play. Any worry I had that this would be a softcore game for weak-ass bitches is gone as soon as I see the logo for Wet Pussy Games flash across the screen. Where am I? Who am I? She wakes up, lets you choose a name and gives you some light exposition. Basically, the air is fucked up so some scientists got sent into space. The horrors of inbreeding are not addressed in the opening. The first planet I chose had cat people living in what appeared to be ancient Egypt.

The art is decent. My character, Dickmaster, is a little freaked out to be on a world of cat people. He looks at the bright side: this is a planet full of pussies. Ah, humor. Talking to Giant Pussies All Day Long To get into the city, where hopefully I would be able to bang some cat bro, I had to negotiate with the pair of guards standing outside.

Games like space paws

The conversation could begin by clicking on either the skinny cat guard or the buff cat guard. Different options for my dialogue were given throughout the conversation. It was interesting at first. The problem was there only seemed to be one correct path through the conversation to get into the city. I had to just keep trying until I knew all the right answers. Once they got sufficiently riled up by our little cat and mouse game, they got into a catfight and I snuck past the gates. In the city, I saw a few more cat people standing around. A cat mom thought I was a god and not some hideously deformed, hairless example of her species.

She offered up no pussy. A cat dude playing a flute had nothing to offer, either. That left an old cat dude. I clicked the tired old cat dude, sitting there amongst what looked to be a bunch of empty booze bottles. I feel you, guy. Please point me to the nearest cathouse.

Games like space paws

Defeated, I went back to my spaceship, blue-balled and raging. My energy level went from 0 to Just to be sure I was good, I slept another games like space paws. Also, Dickmaster is a fucking idiot who routinely forgets what a shower sounds like in the close confines of their spacecraft. It makes for great encounters. Down with the towels! Knowledge went up, energy went down. I slept again and then went back to talk to drunken grandpa cat. Take Me to the Cat Orgy Sure enough, the old dude had some shit to say. It was more vague crap about me being a god, but when he was done talking a new cat broad showed up on the screen.

This one has red hair and a hot body. The new stranger, Nebet, had different options when I clicked on her. I could talk to her as I had the other cats, but other icons showed a heart, a hand with an orb in it, a question mark, and a couple holding hands. Each one required a different amount of energy. Fuck it, I thought. I went for the hand-holding, which was the most expensive at 80 energy points. I had to go back to my ship, train, talk to her, talk to some other dude, and then try to put my moves on Nebet again.

Finally, though, she brought me to the temple. All the other cat women started having an orgy around us almost immediately. The sex when Nebet mounts Dickmaster is lightly animated. I can go Harder or Softer, taking my time if I feel like it. There are explosions. The art maintained its crisp style throughout. I felt accomplished when I banged this cat woman, and so will you. Open Space Paws. Space Paws Art and story-driven gameplay Good sex scenes Free to play Most current version for patrons only Dialogue can be tedious.

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Games like space paws

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Space Paws