Games like harem hotel

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Games like harem hotel

Harem Hotel is exactly what it sounds like. This is a game where you play around in your own hotel that just so happens to be a harem. Harem Hotel is a point-and-click adventure mixed with a dating sim and visual novel, and it has something for everyone. But you have to put the work games like harem hotel if you want the actual harem part of the game.

You earn money automatically as the days pass, but if all you do is wait, shit can end up taking forever. If you want more money to improve the hotel, then you have to rely on the girls. Harem Hotel encourages you to talk to the girls and level up their stats, like friendship, affection, and obedience. Earn enough friendship with them, and you can take sexy pinup photos to sell to lonely guys online. Like I just mentioned, if you want to take those pinup pictures, you have to have a high enough friendship rating with the girl. You need higher stats to do some things with them, if not everything.

Harem Hotel is slow-going at first until you meet more girls, so you might as fucking well level their stats up. Well, you can always play VR porn games through your computer in your room. Harem Hotel is quick to point out that those games have no impact on the main story.

So why not make friends with the girls, earn their affection and obedience, and make them submissive to you? Harem Hotel has a sweet and bubbly 3D art style that looks familiar. Just about any random dating game on the internet uses this same look. Yep, Harem Hotel has plenty of ridiculous anime tropes for you, too. Is crazy, rough sex not your thing? The hotel starts with a busty receptionist, that virgin elf girl I talked about earlier, and a standoffish nerdy chick. When you talk to the receptionist, she straight up tells you that you have to wait for more girls to the harem over time.

But the wait is worth it, since you meet all kinds of girls to date and fuck. Love clingy girls who worship your cock and obsess over sex? Harem Hotel is a game that gives you a lot of freedom. You can do whatever you want, as long as you have the money or required stats. And not in a good way. You start with no money, and all you can do is wait around for more opportunities. Want more girls? You have to wait. Want more money? You have to wait to get more as the days pass.

Then, you can take those photos of them to sell. Too impatient for that? Well, too bad. You have to be willing to deal with a slow start before things get going. Aside from that, the actual sex animations are hilariously stiff. Could you jack off to the same old repetitive, mechanical animations? I bet you could if you really wanted to. The same goes for the writing. Get to know the girls and find out what they like. Or just be a controlling asshole and put them into uncomfortable situations, like spanking them over and over even after they beg you to seriously stop.

H runey Harem Hotel H runey Plenty of Girls, Plus More to Come The hotel starts with a busty receptionist, that virgin elf girl I talked about earlier, and a standoffish nerdy chick. What I Like Harem Hotel is a game that gives you a lot of freedom.

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Games like harem hotel

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Games like harem hotel

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Games like harem hotel

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Harem Hotel