Domina game guide

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Domina is a strategy, action game involving gladiators. Yup, gladiators. Sounds amazing right! First, you have to train up your gladiators and you get to decide what strengths they have. Each person has different traits too so you will need to train them each differently based on what they have.

Domina game guide

There are also cards you can give your gladiators that will stick with them until they die or you give it to someone else. These can increase stats or give the gladiator a new ability like having a poisoned blade…. And trust me when I say, they are really good to have! Next you need to upgrade the equipment on the gladiators. Every piece of equipment will have a set of stats and will show how it benefits the gladiator.

They can all take a certain amount of damage before breaking as well. At least at the beginning, focus on swords and shields. Hot tip: You can waste a ton of money upgrading all the equipment and money goes fast. Trust me! Every so many days, a fight will be proposed. You need to decided who will fight or not based on stats and traits. While waiting for the planned fights, you can also arrange exhibition matches and pit fights. There are also regional battles you can [and need to] take part in.

You can also hire staff to work at your Ludus and they can do everything from healing gladiators to upgrading equipment. You can only have three at a time so you get domina game guide choose which you prefer for your Ludus. You also automatically have a Doctore who increases various abilities on the gladiators. They are actually important in the game so making them happy is pretty essential.

Warning: they might call you a cock if you decline a fight. I played through the game three times before I had a good enough strategy to even make it through three regional battles which you need in order to make it to the final fight. Looking back, it would have been nice to know a few things. Warning: this game does have adult language and even though it is a bit pixely, it is still quite violent so keep that in mind before purchasing. Domina game guide this on Striking and commented:. Great game that I highly recommend! Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Domina game guide

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Well not too quickly at least. Keep an eye on your money. It might seem obvious but it can go really fast when you are busy upgrading. You always need to keep a little extra for food, water, wine, and any little scenarios that may pop up. Train up you gladiators as equally as possible. After each fight, your gladiator will get an increase in stats. Only the one who fights will get this. Try not to have this happen by allowing each gladiator to fight and buying ones with already high stats. Make sure your gladiators are happy. Also periodically set free some of your slaves or gladiators.

I like to set free slaves that I get after winning a domina game guide.

Domina game guide

It takes too long to train them up if you are already far into the game. It actually ups morale and the gladiators will be happier longer. They may ask to be set free especially if they have lost quite a few fights in a row. You can deny the request for the first 2 times they ask but after that they may escape. You need to turn on automatic upgrade in their personal menu. Be sure to check your employees once you get them. It will cause the Legate or Magistrate to dislike you a small amount but you can get that back by giving them wine or arranging an exhibition match with them. This is also why keeping some money is important.

You get money by battling. Train gladiators until about days remaining before arranging any matches with the Legate or Magistrate.

Domina game guide

You will have a better chance of winning. You can still deny a match if the one you are against is too much for you but you will lose favour. It will lower moral to lose gladiators. The better your favour, the better the gladiators and slaves that you can purchase from them.

This is a very important way to get fighters. The Legate has gladiators that usually have some training and some equipment. The Magistrate has slaves. Slaves will have a high HP which is important and if purchased within the first half of the game you will have time to train domina game guide. Also you can as them to become one of the 3 specialty fighters.

Gladiators from the Legate are already ased and are mostly the standard type Thraex. You can control gladiator fights if you want. Have the Doctore learn Mind Control and at each fight you will get the option to control one gladiator [or not]. This is convenient because you can force the gladiator to surrender if you are losing. The Doctore can automatically make the gladiators train.

All you need to do is enable it in his menu. Otherwise you need to click on each gladiator once they finish each task. You need 3 wins by the end of your days countdown in upper right corner. The regional battles consume days so be sure you have enough time remaining. Now that you have all the tips, get battling!

Domina game guide

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Domina game guide

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Domina game guide

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